The IT system that helps landlords with the overview when things need to go fast. The system is browser-based - you can access from any compuer

Dynamic rental system for machines, party tents and much more


- Whether you rent lifts or party tents, the rental system DoRentIT is an effective tool for organizing your everyday life. DoRentIT is developed by one It company which since 2006 has helped customers with everyday challenges in IT. We are always ready to guide, advise and streamline your business!


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Udlejningsprogram - DoRentIT

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It has always been our goal to deliver as complete a system as possible. The rental system is also tailored to the individual company, so that is the need there determines the price

Get an overview of your business - gathered in one rental program

In DoRentIT you have a customer database, product database, calendar, BOMs, contacts and much much more. It provides the overall overview of rentals when you are getting many of them. And in a busy day, things have to go fast - that's why you need a system like DoRentIT.

We help you transfer customers and goods unless you want to enter them yourself. Where customers need to be dispatched, a large screen is recommended, so you can get an overview of many rental lines. For example, 32 ″ high-resolution computer monitor.

Once you have started with DoRentIT, you save a lot of time, which can then be spent on something else. That's what it's about. After all, time is money and more time equals more money.

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    If you - like our many other customers - can also see an advantage in streamlining your time and your working day, call us on tel. 70 269 267 or send us an email. We always like to have a free and non-binding chat.

    Our system can be adapted to many different industries. It is i.a. a system for renting equipment and machines, party rentals, tent rentals and service rentals for events and much more.

    Our rental system is dynamic, and it can be further developed and tailored to your specific business. We have also developed another system fleet management increased window cleaner program, which can also be adapted to the individual company's wishes and needs.

    We have one goal - to make your everyday life easier, so that your bottom line can be even better!

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    System for renting everything

    System for renting everything

    System for renting everything

    System for renting everything