Here you will find some of the features that the DoRentIT system can accommodate. The individual solution is tailored to the company, as needs are very different.

Get an overview of your business

In DoRentIT you have a customer database, product database, calendar, BOMs, contacts and much much more. It provides the overall overview of rentals when you are getting many of them. And in a busy day, things have to go fast - that's why you need a system like DoRentIT.


We help you transfer customers and goods unless you want to enter them yourself. Where customers need to be dispatched, a large screen is recommended, so you can get an overview of many rental lines. For example, 32 ″ high-resolution computer monitor.

Once you have started with DoRentIT, you save a lot of time, which can then be spent on something else. That's what it's about. Time is money…


The optimal calendar management

If you have the customer on the phone or at the reception, you get an overview in the calendar view. Via item category, you can search for an item and see stock quantity directly in the calendar. This way you can see what is at home and what is outside. There are also other statuses such as for preparation, for repair and more.

Lots of modules waiting

So the solution can be tailored to your business. Fleet management, goods receipt with qr code, gift cards and more. See more on our price page…

Do you have several departments?

Then the rental products can move freely. A customer can pick up the product in one department and deliver it in another, if desired. In that case, it will be the pick-up point that gets the profit.


It is also a great advantage to be able to see what is in stock elsewhere. And thus you can refer the customer or have it delivered to the customer.


Put QR code on your rental products

Then you can register receipt of rental products via mobile phones in the department store, which simply scans the QR code and then you set the status. Then you can immediately see in the office / expedition that the product is ready for rental again.

    Watch help videos for DoRentIT

    We have recorded a number of help videos to get off to a good start as a customer. It can also be useful if some features just need to be refreshed.

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