Trading conditions 

All that in small print. When purchasing a DoRentIT subscription, the following conditions are accepted

Terms of trade for DoRentIT


  1. Purpose.
    This agreement governs the relationship between Wide Logic Systems as a supplier and you as a customer.

2. System
Wide Logic Systems' internet-based rental system called DoRentIt is a complete e-commerce solution which, in addition to standard end-customer functions, also contains advanced technology for direct updating of the product database (prices, inventory, new products).

The product database can be priced individually for each individual customer, and can be combined with special offers from the manufacturer directly to the end customer.

  1. Performance and maintenance.
    Wide Logic Systems is responsible for the daily operation of the web rental system. the web rental system is available 24/7/365, with a guaranteed uptime as described under point 4. Servers and line capacity will at all times be so good that this will not have a significant negative impact on the use of the system.

Any defects in the product are corrected at no extra cost to the customer. If you discover an error, please contact Wide Logic Systems by email, with the language choice Danish or English. Wide Logic Systems can also be contacted on tel. 70 269 267.

Confidential information is at all times secured behind the firewall with additional internal network security. Wide Logic Systems ensures that daily updating of catalog, products and prices works for all customers, and that ordering and follow-up work.

  1. The web rental system uptime and availability.
    Core time is in the period from 07:00 to 20:00 on normal working days Monday - Friday, public holidays except. "Uptime" means that product information is available, that the customer can place orders and check order status, that the customer's staff can give the customer correct prices, and that orders are processed in the back end (either automatically or manually), so that customers receive deliveries in the usual way. In core time, the uptime must be at least 99%.

Outside of core time, the web rental system (both frontend and backend) will normally be available, but during this time Wide Logic Systems can make necessary index updates, backups, software upgrades, etc. For security reasons, it may be necessary to upgrade servers / software during core time (e.g. by a newly discovered operating system security risk). Wide Logic Systems is not responsible for uptime of third parties, such as distributors and payment intermediaries (eg PBS / DIBS), as Wide Logic Systems only provides interfaces and communication with these, but does not control their services.

If Wide Logic Systems is unable to comply with the uptime guarantee for a given month, compensation in the form of a reduction in the tax for the month in question will be granted in accordance with the following rules: Less than 99% = 11% in refusal, less than 97% = 22% in refusal , less than 95% = 33% in rejection. For more than X% downtime where X> 33% is granted X% in denial. In the event of more than 5% downtime for two consecutive months, the customer may terminate this agreement during the following month with 1 month 's notice.

Attention is drawn to the fact that Wide Logic Systems' core working time is within the above-mentioned core time, and that Wide Logic Systems not only "operates", but also continuously develops the solution that is operated. Uploading of new functionality, as well as changes to existing functionality, is made as a starting point in the core time. While this may in some cases limit availability, it is not considered a breach of the uptime guarantee. The customer will be informed in advance of any planned downtime.

  1. Other services / products.
    The customer is automatically upgraded to new versions of the web rental system when they become available. If the customer receives payment via credit card, we have an integrated interface with Epay, so that card transactions are handled automatically when the customer orders, and by the administrator when the order is approved. The customer is responsible for costs and services provided by third parties.
  1. Training, guidance and technical support.
    The web rental system is an advanced system with many functions, which is structured so that all users can learn to use and utilize the system in a short time. Wide Logic Systems is available via email, and can answer questions regarding the use of the system. Contact support at email in Danish / English or by phone. Telephone support is settled at a separate rate according to the time spent and documented time consumption.
  1. Ownership and rights.
    The agreement includes the right to use the solution under this agreement when the agreed payment to maintain the services has been paid. The interface chosen by the customer towards the end user may not be used by other customers. If the customer wants access to functions that are developed and implemented specifically for the customer or following a proposal from the customer - examples can be ownership of rights, implementation quarantine for other web rental systems, commission for implementation - then this is possible, but requires a separate agreement between customer / dealer and Wide Logic Systems. Without an agreement, all implemented functionality is the property of Wide Logic Systems.

8. Payment
Monthly payment covers further development, maintenance and operation of the web rental system.

Functionality that is included in the price, but which is not standard in the web rental system (for example, integration into the customer's financial system), does not affect the time of quarterly payment commencement.

Attachment of payment cards is included in the price of selected subscription types, but costs to third parties (eg PBS and payment card redeemers) are borne by the customer and do not affect the time of quarterly payment commencement.

  1. Maturity and termination.
    The agreement runs until terminated. There is no notice of termination for Wide Logic Systems. However, already paid period is not refundable.

The monthly payment is maintained without increase for the first 12 months of the agreement. Any increase in monthly payment is limited to max. 5.0% per year, and must be notified with a minimum of 3 months. Any change must be justified in costs directly related to maintenance / development / operation / use of the solution, and a new amount for payment of use of the solution is determined after negotiation between the parties.

Failure to pay for 3 consecutive months is to be regarded as a breach and termination of the agreement. Wide Logic Systems' obligations to maintain and operate the web rental system are deemed to have expired at the end of the 3 months and any amount due is due for immediate payment. In the event of non-payment, the database and its own graphic files are sent to the customer. Then the hosted web rental system is closed by Wide Logic Systems. All agreements entered into hereby terminate.

10. Warranty / liability.

Wide Logic Systems is responsible for providing the products and services described in this agreement. In the event that the solution is no longer owned or controlled by Wide Logic Systems, this contract will remain valid for a minimum of 12 months. In addition to this, Wide Logic Systems' upward liability is limited to the price of these products and services, in accordance with applicable Danish laws and regulations.

Wide Logic Systems is not responsible for any downtime / data loss in the event of force majeure.

In addition, Wide Logic Systems is not liable for product damage, which is why Wide Logic Systems cannot be held liable for damages due to software and hardware failures.

  1. Confidentiality
    Wide Logic Systems does not share customer information with others without the written consent of the customer, and the customer does not share information about this agreement or other matters related to Wide Logic Systems with others without the written consent of Wide Logic Systems.

13. Customer data and rights
The customer has at all times the right to receive his customer data related to sales, customer info, user info etc. Data is provided as a database dump.


  1. Other functionality.

Wide Logic Systems expands the web rental system with extra functionality when it is deemed necessary. Furthermore, the customer can at any time request new functionality, which can either be for the customer or common benefit.

  1. Customer obligations.

Integration of the web rental system into the customer's financial system is part of this agreement (However, a maximum of 10 hours is set aside). It is the customer's obligation to ensure that Wide Logic Systems' employees have access to the customer's financial system to the necessary extent, so that an optimal integration can be made. Possibly. assistance hereby the expenses are borne by the customer.